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Speech therapist competing in Wanaka Challenge for UpsideDowns

Hallie lives in Cromwell with her husband and works locally as Speech-Language Therapist. She is testing the limits this month (some might say she's a bit batty) by competing in the individual Wanaka Challenge event on the 16th February 2019. This involves a 1.9km swim, 90km bike and 21.1km run. Hallie was inspired by the people from all walks of life who competed in the event earlier this year when she completed the swim leg as part of a team.

Hallie wanted a sporting goal to work towards and thought why not give this a go and raise some money for a trust that impacts her everyday work as well! The UpsideDowns Education Trust is responsible for funding Speech-Language Therapy for many children with Downs Syndrome so they can develop their communication skills and become more confident and independent individuals. Their support has been integral to the progress of a number of children Hallie works with and she wants to give back and donate where she can, so this awesome trust can keep changing lives.

Hallie will be training hard to reach that finish line next year and hopes a few of you might spare a dollar for UpsideDowns.

You can support Hallie and UpsideDowns here: