Helping kids with Down syndrome find their voice.


Helping kids with Down syndrome find their voice


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Giving the gift of life-changing speech language therapy to children with Down syndrome

UpsideDowns helps fund speech language therapy for kids with Down syndrome. For children with Down syndrome, learning to speak can be a real challenge. We're the UpsideDowns Education Trust, a charity established in 2003 by parents of kids with Down syndrome.

We're giving a voice to kids with Down syndrome all over New Zealand and equipping them with the skills to talk, read and write. By funding their speech language therapy, we're ensuring these kids have the best possible start to life.

The Trust plays a vital role in improving the learning development of the children, enabling them to integrate better into the community and enrich their lives.

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Currently in New Zealand, the government does not provide funding for kids with Down syndrome to access life-changing speech language therapy.

Your donation will help get more kids off our waiting list. 

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Watch the video below to see how speech language therapy and support from UpsideDowns has helped Miles and his family!